Many organisations face peak workloads during key times of the year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Christmas period and the winter sales. In this article, we explore strategies and tips on how to prepare for these periods in advance, using flexible working as a key solution to meet the growing needs of many industries.

From Black Friday to winter sales: the predictable peaks of work

Black Friday, which has its roots in the United States, has become a global event marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. Held the day after Thanksgiving, it is characterised by discounts and offers that attract shoppers to physical and online stores. Cyber Monday follows Black Friday’s surge in sales, a day dedicated to online discounts. Immediately following are the Christmas holidays and the start of winter sales.

These predictable and intense work peaks present significant challenges for businesses that need to efficiently meet growing customer demands. Let’s have a look at how to prepare, which sectors are affected and how flexible working can be an effective solution.

How to get ready for peak workloads

If you want to prepare your organisation for the challenge of peak workloads, such as those during Black Friday, strategic thinking is essential. Key pillars include proactive planning, ongoing training, embracing advanced technologies, and strategically hiring flexible staff. Only by following these steps can you efficiently handle the surge in demand.


The key to successfully handling not only Black Friday but also all foreseeable peak workloads is to plan. Organizational and logistical challenges may be numerous, but with a solid initial strategy, you can navigate these busy periods with confidence and achieve your business objectives. It’s crucial to identify the roles that will come under the most pressure and bolster the workforce. Depending on the industry, there can be various examples, such as restaurant waiting staff, inbound call centre operators, picking personnel, and sales associates.

Utilizing technology

Efficiently managing a peak workload necessitates the adoption of advanced technologies. Opt for user-friendly, intuitive software that is easy to learn and use. This ensures a swift integration for new hires within the company, streamlining the onboarding process. In the logistics and shipping sector, voice-picking technology can prove advantageous. In the restaurant industry, a cloud-based point-of-sale system that can also monitor employee performance is an excellent ally. Lastly, for hiring swiftly and easily, you can make use of our Jobby platform. Within it, you can perform all necessary operations, from searching for and hiring flexible personnel to managing attendance and payments.

Staff training

During peak periods, training is crucial to the company’s success. Effective onboarding of new employees is critical to ensuring they integrate quickly into the business environment, are aware of procedures and contribute to customer satisfaction. At the same time, continuing training for existing staff is essential to maintain and improve skills.

Recruit strategically

To manage peak seasonal work you need to plan your hiring strategically. To optimize costs you can create a team with flexible workers. This way you hire only when you need to meet market demands. For better results, you can build a reliable flexible pool of freelancers and self-employed. By already knowing the company and the job, you will save time in the onboarding phase.

deal with work peaks during the holiday season and Black Friday

Flexible work as a solution

Black Friday, preceding the holidays, is a golden time for retail sales. However, other sectors may also experience increases in work during this time of year. Flexible staff can be an advantageous option for various companies. Among the most obvious benefits are cost optimization, the ability to increase sales and, most importantly, improve the customer experience. Here are some areas that can benefit from adopting self-employed staff to cope with work peaks.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent periods of heightened activity for e-commerce. Companies operating online stores frequently experience a sudden surge in orders and customer service inquiries. You can effortlessly hire adaptable professionals from our platform to assist with order processing, customer service, and technical support.


With the increase in orders, there is a significant increase in deliveries and shipments. Consequently, the field of logistics needs additional workers in order to manage the flow of goods. The self-employed contract is an ideal option to address the shortage of staff during this season.

Customer service

Customer support services can be under pressure due to increased consumer demands. Expanding the team with flexible staff helps maintain high standards of service, improving the customer experience and fostering customer loyalty.

Marketing and advertising

To attract new customers on Black Friday, you can increase your marketing efforts. Qualified and flexible staff hired in support of peak work, will be able to create promotional content, manage advertising campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented.


The food and beverage sector can also benefit from flexible working during peak periods in November and December. Many restaurants, catering services and food companies experienced increased demand during this period. Hiring cooks and waiters can help meet demand without overloading regular staff.

Technology sector

Technology companies that provide services such as web hosting, technical support, or hardware maintenance often have to handle increased demand during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Recruiting flexible IT technicians and specialists can help you meet customer needs in a timely manner.

In conclusion, peak workloads such as Black Friday are an extraordinary opportunity for many companies, but to make the most of it requires careful planning. Flexible work can be the key to dealing with seasonal job peaks efficiently, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Get access to the Jobby platform and start hiring flexible staff for Black Friday and the upcoming job peaks.