There are many benefits of working on weekends, especially for young people aiming for a healthy work-life balance. In this article, we have summarised the key benefits for Generation Z of looking for work at the weekend. We have also analysed which growing sectors are hiring and which jobs can be done at the weekend. With our app, you can browse through millions of ads. Choose the ones that suit you best and apply in seconds. However, let’s start at the beginning and discover the benefits of working at the weekend.

Working weekends: discover the advantages

Choosing to work at the weekend has several advantages. First of all, it allows you to manage your own time. For Generation Z, who prefer to work fewer hours to protect their mental health, work-life balance is a very important issue.

Closely related to the idea of work-life balance is the concept of flexibility. As a self-employed person, being able to choose when, where and what work you do is a sign of great freedom. Flexible working allows you to continue with your studies, pursue your hobbies, travel and gain new experiences, both personal and professional.

Working on weekends gives you the opportunity to develop professionally and learn new hard and soft skills. You can try out new roles in different areas to find out what your career path is. Respond to advertisements matching your skills and studies, or experiment with innovative areas to learn something new daily. This will allow you to increase your work experience and improve your CV. Similarly, if you have a CV with no experience, you can start working straight away by choosing weekend jobs where no experience is required.

Another good reason is the opportunity to earn extra money with a second job at the weekend. You can choose a flexible job with a few hours to have a part-time job. Then you can decide whether and how much to do weekend work.

young woman working on a weekend as self-employed

Growth sectors that hire

Now that we have seen the main benefits of working weekends, let’s take a look at the growth sectors that are hiring. There are many interesting job opportunities if you are a sociable person and enjoy dealing with the public.


If you are looking for a weekend job, the catering industry is always open to new talent. There are many jobs to choose from, both in close contact with customers and ‘behind the scenes’. If you have an interest in haute cuisine or wine, you can always start at the bottom and specialise, for example, as an executive chef or a sommelier.

Events and entertainment

Another growing sector that offers flexible weekend work is events and entertainment. You can fill your calendar with conventions, trade shows, sporting events and promotional events. Promoters, hostesses and stewards are vital to the success of any event. Often no previous experience is required and a short training period is given before you start to learn about the product/service or event you will be working for. Typical duties include distributing promotional material, welcoming guests and providing information.

Retail trade

If you want to work in a shop, you can follow your inclinations and choose to sell a product or service that you know best. For example, those who love technology will find working in a computer or telephone shop easy. Fashionistas, on the other hand, might be more at home in a clothes or shoe shop. Read the ads in our Jobby app carefully. Choose the ones that match your experience and interests.


If you prefer working on weekends, the hospitality sector offers many opportunities throughout the year. You can work flexibly by choosing your preferred shifts, including nights and weekends, as most businesses are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You can develop skills such as working in a team, learning a second language and working under pressure. All of these skills will then be added to your CV.

The app that changes your job search

In summary, working weekends not only offers the flexibility that Generation Z craves. It’s also an opportunity to broaden your professional horizons. Exploring growth sectors such as catering, events, retail and hospitality is the first step towards an exciting career future. To start this adventure now, download our Jobby app on your mobile and create your profile in minutes. You will then be able to view the opportunities available in London and submit your application. Find out how weekend work can be your springboard to success.