Are you searching for well-paid jobs without a degree? This article explores 10 different roles available now. You will also find practical tips for finding a job. Find out how to get a job and a career without a degree.

A practical guide to finding your next job

In an increasingly competitive job market, finding your dream job without a degree can be challenging. However, with the proper strategies, you can find well-paid jobs without a degree.

First, write a CV highlighting your skills and previous experiences. If you have never worked before, create a CV without experience where you include your Hard and Soft Skills, volunteering, and certificates.

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As a final strategy, we recommend keeping your CV always up-to-date. Every new role you cover can give you additional skills and greater responsibilities. Report this information in the CV to advance your career.

Well-paid jobs without a degree

Not all career paths require years of university study. Numerous well-paid job opportunities require practical skills, passion, and good training. Here are the top 3 well-paid jobs without a degree that we have selected for you:

  1. Shop assistant

This role is a crucial position in retail settings and perfect if you are seeking entry-level employment. You’ll gain valuable experience in customer relations and retail management. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility of working your hours.

  1. Cleaning staff

You can choose whether to accept a part-time or full-time job. This role requires precision, not necessarily previous experience. You will be able to work shifts and be responsible for the timing and number of hours of service provision.

  1. Delivery staff

The delivery staff play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering products in a timely and reliable manner. This job offers flexible hours, ideal for those looking for work-life balance. Many companies also provide transport means, like bicycles, cars or scooters. No previous experience is necessary to start.

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Jobs in the hospitality sector

Explore some of the most in-demand jobs in the hospitality sector. Often characterised by a dynamic working environment, roles in this sector can offer rewarding careers with good prospects for earning and career growth. In this section, we explore the top jobs that do not require a degree.

  1. Waiter/Waitress

The job of a waiter/waitress offers great hourly flexibility and is a starting point if you want to advance in the world of hospitality. Good time management skills, adaptability, and stress resilience are required.

  1. Pizza chef

The pizza chef role typically involves shifts that vary according to the venue’s needs. Working as a pizza chef allows you to express your culinary creativity. As a freelancer, you can tailor your work commitment to specific projects or periods.

  1. Cook

This role offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth, with the possibility of moving between different kitchens and settings. The flexibility of this role allows you to work intensely for some periods and take a break for the rest of the year.

  1. Barista/Bartender

This profession offers great work versatility; you can work during occasional events, evening shifts, or weekends. It is ideal for those who enjoy social interaction and desire a stimulating work environment.

  1. Bakery/Cafeteria counter assistant

Among the well-paid jobs without a degree, the role of a counter assistant in a bakery or cafeteria fits well. This position is perfect for those looking for a job that can accommodate school commitments or other personal projects, allowing you to work on shifts.

  1. Kitchen helper

This role offers the opportunity to work intensely during peak seasonal periods, such as the holiday seasons, followed by quieter periods. It is ideal if you want to balance work with other commitments or wish to gain experience in a kitchen without the commitment of a fixed annual schedule. Working as a kitchen helper, you can learn directly from experienced chefs, acquiring skills that can open doors to roles with greater responsibility.

  1. Order picker

An order picker is essential to keep operations running smoothly, especially during busy periods. If you are looking for a flexible role that can adapt to fluctuating demands, this role is for you.

Finding a job with Jobby Zucchetti

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