In today’s ever-changing business environment, knowing how to write a job advert is crucial. A well-crafted job advertisement will speak directly to the young talent and the most qualified candidates. It highlights the opportunities for professional growth and the values and culture that await them. This will increase the number of quality applications that your organization will receive.

Where to publish your advert

As well as knowing how to write a job advert, you also need to consider where to publish it. The channel you choose plays a crucial role in reaching young talent. Gen Z and Millennials spend much time online, making digital platforms a winning strategic choice.

In particular, Jobby Zucchetti’s mobile app addresses a key value for young people: work-life balance. By offering flexible work, the platform significantly increases the chances of attracting the best candidates by capturing their interests and preferred ways of looking for work.

How to write a job advert

To write an effective advertisement that will attract young talent to your company, you need to include a lot of information. Start with the essentials, such as the type of contract and salary offered, and then go on to detail equally important but more specific aspects, such as the benefits included and the location of the job. The more detailed the information in the ad, the more qualified applications you will receive.

Clear title

The title of the job advert is one of the first things freelancers will see. Write a clear title and include your company name and logo.

Contract information and salary

You need to specify the contract, in our case self-employed. Closely related to this information is the salary range. All this information is essential for potential candidates. The more information you provide, the more applications you will receive from freelancers.

Flexibility Index

The Jobby Zucchetti app, which specialises in hiring freelancers, is widely used by young talents who want to work flexibly. Within the ads, a section indicates the degree of flexibility of your job offer from zero to ten.

Job description

This is the central part of the job advertisement. Describe the role the person will be doing. Include the responsibilities and, if necessary, the soft and hard skills required. This should be short but clear. You can also include a company introduction.

Work location

The app displays a map showing the work address. This information is crucial for freelancers. They decide whether to send their application based on the distance.


As mentioned above, the more details you include in your job advertisement, the better the applications you will receive. If there are benefits, such as free parking or tips, include them in the space provided.

how to write a job advertisement

Advantages of using Jobby Zucchetti

In this article, we have seen how to write a job advert to attract young talent. Now, it’s time to discover the advantages of the Jobby Zucchetti platform.

Quick and easy management

Our platform allows you to manage the personnel selection process intuitively, helping you to optimise costs and time. You can configure your vacancy and monitor applications in a user-friendly interface in a few clicks.

Selecting the best candidates

The app meets the needs of young people looking for jobs that fit their dynamic lifestyles. This means you get applications from motivated and immediately available people.

Flexibility in recruitment

In addition to the ‘Ads’ section, the ‘Jobs’ section allows you to post opportunities for specific shifts, providing maximum flexibility. This option is ideal for covering peaks workloads or replacing absent staff, ensuring your business runs successfully.

Transparent reviews

We promote a culture of transparency and trust by offering a review section where self-employed candidates can provide feedback on their experience with your company. This enhances your corporate image and helps you gain valuable insights to improve future recruitment campaigns.

Post your first job ad

As we have seen, when you write a job advertisement, it must be efficient to attract the best candidates. This first step in the recruitment process, with Onboarding, Retention and Employer Branding, is part of a broader strategy to attract and retain young talent. Create your profile now and activate your 7-day free trial for recruiting extra staff.