In today’s business environment, it has become more and more difficult to find and recruit staff. There is a great demand for workers and highly skilled employees. A company’s success also depends on its ability to attract and retain new talent. In this article, we will discuss how to find temporary workers and give you some tips that you can put into practice immediately.

5 tips for finding temporary staff

Whatever the size of your business, strategic recruitment planning is a strong pillar of organisational success. Before starting recruitment, it is crucial to do a thorough internal analysis and to understand the current labour market. Using new technologies and implementing effective communication strategies play a crucial role. To help, we have put together a series of targeted tips for finding and recruiting the right people.


Strategic workforce planning

Critical to the long-term success of any organisation is strategic workforce planning. Evaluate the needs of your team, such as holidays and vacations, in addition to planning for shifts and new hires during peak periods. Consider possible contingencies such as illness and redundancy. With the right mindset, you can hire flexibly. In addition, fill vacancies quickly.

Identify and attract the best candidates

The first step to effective recruitment is to analyse the labour market and the preferences of the professionals you want to attract. The young talents of Generation Z prefer to work inflexibly, in a relaxed working environment and for environmentally friendly companies. To attract this target group, you should offer flexible working to achieve a better work-life balance. You can also create tailored programmes to mentor, train and develop young people. Gen Z is interested in growth inside the company.

how to find staff

Use of new technologies

New recruitment technologies are powerful tools that optimise the recruitment process. Jobby is a digital recruitment platform. For candidates, it is a simple and intuitive app to download on a smartphone. As a company, with Jobby you have a cloud-based platform that can support you at every stage of the recruitment, selection and hiring process.

In the Jobs section, you can match with top workers, hire in 1 click and sign contracts. Use the dashboard to manage shifts and check attendance. Confirm hours, pay workers securely and receive your invoices. On the other hand, in the ADS section, you can post a job in seconds. You will immediately receive applications that match your search.

If you are still wondering how to find temporary workers to hire safely and quickly, our platform allows you to select the best talent flexibly and transparently. You can also communicate directly with candidates thanks to the internal chat. The selection process will be more personal and interactive.

The use of Employer Branding

Companies need to focus on presenting themselves as a desirable place to work, in addition to actively seeking the most qualified profiles. Employer Branding is a strategy for the attraction and retention of top talent. At a time when candidates carefully assess a company’s reputation and values before submitting their applications, the development of a strong brand is essential.

Your organisation becomes attractive to potential candidates through effective Employer Branding. At the same time, it creates a sense of belonging and satisfaction among current employees, reducing turnover and building a motivated and engaged workforce.

Changing recruitment strategies

Today, organisations need to adopt innovative recruitment strategies due to the unpredictability of the economy and the changing nature of youth employment. To respond flexibly to market fluctuations, the traditional method of building a team of permanent employees is no longer sufficient. A flexible recruitment strategy allows you to tier your workforce.


The beating heart of the business will be a core of permanent staff. A flexible, recurring group ready to work at peak times. In addition, a more flexible workforce can respond to immediate and unplanned needs. This model not only allows your business to adapt quickly to change. It also meets the expectations of a new generation of workers who value flexible working.

The future of recruitment: efficiency and innovation

In conclusion, adopting the strategic advice and using the new technologies outlined in this article can radically transform the recruitment process. For companies and candidates, matching job supply and demand will become easier.

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